Green Cape Botanico
Seafront apartments with stunning panoramic views.

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Panoramic Views of the Sea

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Soaring 60m above sea level, two blocks of the Green Cape Botanico are designed to act as a magnet to picturesque scenery. Thoughtfully decorated for boasting views, the apartments have glass windows that draw the sunlight into each room.


  • Studio
  • One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom
  • Corner Apartment

Studio Apartment

Cozy and comfortable, perfect for a couple.

42.50 sq/m Studio

One Bedroom Apartment

Flooded with natural light, ideal for a family getaway.

58.54 sq/m 1 BEDROOM

Two Bedroom Apartment

Spacious apartment, the place for many.

107.24 sq/m 2 BEDROOMS

Corner Apartment

Choose between a one and two-bedroom apartment.

98.41 - 102.58 sq/m 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS




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Corner Apartment
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Alongside providing high quality apartments, we are geared towards the fulfillments of the needs of every Green Cape Botanico resident. Get to know the services we provide for you.


Indoor gym and outdoor swimming pool will be available to the residents of Green Cape Botanico during all seasons.


The apartments will be in safe hands with residents knowing that it’s secured 24/7, even if they only tend to spend time there during holidays.


Home personally verified by the staff to be in pristine condition.

Technical Assistance

In case anything goes wrong, we have the personnel who is on track 24/7.

Natural Lush Setting

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Due to the area’s unique subtropical climate and proximity to the Batumi Botanical Garden, the environment around the Green Cape Botanico is host to an incredible variety of flora. With uninterrupted views from the apartments and great connectivity to the truly unique nature, the residential complex is key to breathing new life into the less inhabited Green Cape resort of the Adjara Region. Our vision is to reconnect with nature, while preserving the untouched areas and keeping the greenery alive.

Nearby Entertainment

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Meet The Team

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We are a group of individuals focused on providing premium residences and pleasant experiences, whilst enhancing the living standards of the residents. Committed to understanding your needs and desires, we share with you all suitable possibilities for owning an exceptional apartment at the Green Cape Botanico. Promising to deliver a one-of-a-kind design using high-quality materials and fine finishes, we are open to sharing all the reasons as to why the Green Cape Botanico is the perfect choice for you.
Giorgi Marr Silk Development CEO
Giorgi Kapanadze Business Development Director
Nini Zalkaliani Marketing Manager


Buying An Apartment

How many types of apartments are there at Green Cape Botanico?
There are four types of apartments – studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and corner apartment with the option of one and two bedroom(s). However, in case of interest, conjoining several apartments and buying a rather bigger space is possible as well.
What sizes are the apartments?
Starting from 42 sq.m. up to 150 sq.m. However, upon your desire, there is also the possibility to conjoin several apartments.
Are the apartments turnkey?
Yes, the apartments are turnkey with built in kitchen and appliances. Furthermore, apartment areas are equipped with SMRT home system and the latest fire safety and security systems such as the IP CCTV system in common areas, central fire and smoke detection and alarm system for the entire building.
Do the apartments have terraces?
Yes, every apartment has a sea view terrace with wood deck floor finishing and a diverse width that varies from 1.30 to 2.40 meters.
Are there public spaces and walking paths?
Public space for the neighborhood is arranged between the two buildings near the reconstructed stair, which leads to a pedestrian path towards the beach.
What is the height of the ceiling?
Turnkey ceiling height adds up to 2.88 cm in the bedrooms, living room and kitchen and 2.63 cm in the bathroom, closet, and entrance hallway.

Costs And Charges

What is the service fee for the apartment owner?
The monthly fee is $1.70 per sq.m. The cost includes service charge for the onsite manager and team, building maintenance, communal cleaning, taking care of the grounds and garden, and safety control.
Is the pool facility free of charge?
Yes, the pool is free of charge for apartment owners and their family members. Can be accessed during from 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Renting Out Apartment

Can the owner rent out his/her apartment?
Yes, the owner can rent out their own apartment upon desire.
What is the renting out process like?
In this case, the apartment owner can find a potential client and agree on the renting conditions with them. If, after forming a co-partnership community, the apartment owner wants to rent out their apartment, Botanico will offer a property management service. In this case, the company provides rental of the apartment as a hotel room; therefore, relevant services are provided. The pricing will be regulated by the company itself.

Building Specifications

What are the safety measurements?
The buildings are designed in accordance to the fire and life safety standards and are equipped with a sprinkler system. Additionally, the apartment areas are outfitted with a Smart Home system.
How many floors are in each residential building?
Each residential building consists of 6 residential floors. Additionally, an underground open space is dedicated to parking.
What types of staircase do the buildings have?
A and B blocks have two staircases, which are enclosed with fire rated concrete walls and a fireproof door. Stairs are pre-cast and have steel railing. All the steps are equipped with anti-slip rubber strips. Glass balconies are arranged on every level of the enclosed staircase.
Does the residential complex have an elevator?
Yes, both blocks have one passenger and one elevator for people with disabilities. Elevators have fire rated doors.
What leisure facilities does the residential complex have?
Swimming pool, kid’s pool, and an indoor Gym area.
Are the buildings built with environment friendly and energy efficient materials?
All three facades of blocks A and B are glazed with full height curtain walls. Fourth façade, from the side of the hallway is clad with composite aluminium cladding with natural wood veneer. Two lift shafts, which emerge as independent metal structure, are clad with self-supporting channel glass enclosure.

Internet And Electricity

Will the residents have TV and Internet access?
High speed internet access, TV and telecom services are available through the fiberoptic lines.
What are the electric specifications in the apartments?
Emergency backup generator provides safe and reliable electricity to the apartments. Energy efficient concept has considered in all electrical services such as LED lighting, indoor and outdoor technical equipment. Apartments are equipped with individual electrical counters.


Is the shoreline in front of the residential complex surrounded by a fence?
The legislation does not allow fencing and privatization of the beach, but residents can use the one in front of the complex for free. A special stairway is located between the residential buildings, which leads the path to the beach.


We Plan Your Visit

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Come visit us and let us coordinate your trip from start to finish. Besides sharing in-depth details of the project with you, our sales representatives are ready to assist you at the site, showcasing the project territory and its nearby locations.